Open Mic

Book a slot by emailing us at Please don’t message us via Facebook or Twitter asking for a slot; we only take bookings from our email account.

As of October 2014 we’re capping the number of open mic slots at 16. Each month we’ll draw up a list of 8 female and 8 male performers, made up of new and regular open mics, and taking into account a reasonable mix with regards to age, ethnicity, etc. We’ll also have a reserve list for those who didn’t make the final 16 (and, if we’re short, we’ll take sign ups on the night).open mic1

We’ll try to make sure that (all things considered) if you’re on the reserve list one month, you’ll get a slot the following month. We’ll email everyone who’s asked for a slot about a week before Blind Poetics is due to take place, and tell them whether they’re on the list or the reserve list.

Open mic slots are five minutes. You’re free to do whatever you want within this time frame but don’t run over; time yourself, if you have to. Cut or add to your material. We will ask you to leave the stage if you go on and on….

People and performers will want to listen to you, so return the compliment. Stay and listen to them – don’t do your five minutes and then leave. Unless you really really have to, of course.

If you think your material’s offensive then it probably is. Don’t use it. We don’t censor but we don’t want people complaining either. Use your own judgement.openmic2

Blind Poetics has a safe space policy. Keep yourself and everyone else free from any type of harm.

If you’ve never done an open mic before, and you’re not sure, then come along to one of our events and see what’s what. Or talk to one of us. Or email us.

The stage has a mic and mic stand. Let us know if you need a hand adjusting any of these. Remember to speak into the mic. Too far from the mic and it won’t pick you up. Too near and you’ll burst eardrums.

If you’ve any questions about the open mic please get in touch.


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